Corporate Governance & Board of Directors of Commonwealth Silver, Canada

Information About Commonwealth Silver, Canada

Corporate Governance

As a private company, Commonwealth Silver strives to set itself apart by undertaking a commitment to corporate governance on par with companies publicly listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. We aim to earn and retain the trust of potential and existing shareholders alike. Our governance practices reflect the structure and processes we believe should be inherent in all companies with a responsibility to shareholders, whether public or private. As governance standards change, and our Company grows, these practices will be assessed and modified as required.

Board of Directors

Our Board consists of six directors. Four of these directors including the Chair, comprising a majority of the Board, are independent of management and free from any interest or business that could materially interfere with their ability to act in the Company’s best interests. The Board is ultimately responsible for overseeing the management of the business and affairs of the Company and, in doing so, is required to act in the best interests of the Company. The Board discharges its responsibilities either directly or through three committees, all of which are comprised entirely of independent directors:

Audit Committee
Nominating and Corporate Governance
Compensation Committee
  • Julian Kemp – Chair
  • Daniella Dimitrov
  • Thomas Rinaldi
  • Daniella Dimitrov – Chair
  • Julian Kemp
  • Thomas Rinaldi
  • Daniella Dimitrov – Chair
  • Julian Kemp
  • Thomas Rinaldi



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