Goldcorp, Commonwealth Silver’s Partner – The Future of Pearce, Arizona


This is a 10 minute trailer of the hour-long documentary, “All That Glitters Isn’t Gold – A Story of Exploitation and Resistance.” The documentary tells the stories of community members residing near Goldcorp’s San Martin open-pit gold mine in Honduras’ Siria Valley. The first mine to be developed under Honduras’ controversial new mining law that was passed in the wake of Hurricane Mitch in 1998, the San Martin mine opened in 2000 and is the largest open-pit heap-leach mine in Honduras.Similar to the 100 meter open-pit cyanide mine that Commonwealth Silver/Goldcorp/Delta Gold Corporation are developing across the street from the Pearce Elementary School.

As the mine nears its closure, community members discuss the grave complications they have experienced since the mine began operating — from rampant health problems to a lack of water — contesting the company’s claims that the mine has been a model of healthy development for the community and has caused no adverse effects.

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