Hall Stewart on the AZ Mining Review 10-30-2013 (episode 10)

Published on Oct 30, 2013

Watch this video and judge for yourself. Note how proud Hall Stewart is about NOT having to get federal permits for his proposed open-pit cyanide leach gold mine. Now the real question is funding… If anyone in our community ‘really’ supports this project, give Hall Stewart your money.

Table of contents:
00:30 Nyal Niemuth, Chief of Economic Geology Section, Arizona Geological Survey
08:25 Hall Stewart, Vice President of Exploration, Commonwealth Silver and Gold Corporation
20:15 Steve Rauzi, Oil and Gas Administrator, Arizona Geological Survey

Lee Allison and Nyal Niemuth explore the newest developments and challenges in Arizona mining; Hall Stewart — Founder & VP Exploration & Director joins Lee for an overview of the Commonwealth Silver mine in the historic Pearce mining district of Cochise County; Steve Rauzi (AZGS) describes the new, interactive Arizona Oil & Gas Well Viewer — a tool for exploring the subsurface of Arizona.


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