Morgan Stanley remains bearish on Gold for next 2 years

NEW YORK (Scrap Register): Greece’s uncertain future in the eurozone, global quantitative easing, loose monetary policies and continued demand out of Asia will all provide much needed support for the gold market, but these factors might not be enough to create another bull market, said Morgan Stanley in a snippet.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley expect prices to fall over the next two years as investors leave the marketplace… Read Full Article


2 thoughts on “Morgan Stanley remains bearish on Gold for next 2 years

  1. Nice to see you’re fighting Marlin Gold ahead of the curve, however, even if their deal goes through they’ll go belly up like all the rest. Think Commonwealth Silver left a bad taste in peoples mouths and they’ll be wiser this time around.


  2. Funny how all of the analysts clearly see gold heading deep into the red, while all the gold mining companies proclaim that gold is going to go through the roof. Who would you believe?


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