Who Would Want an Open Pit Cyanide Leach Mine RIGHT Next to Pearce Elementary School?

See what a cyanide gold mining operation really looks like for yourself in the video below. Now, let’s add children, seniors, agriculture, cattle, monsoons, flooding, washes and earth fissures into the equation.


4 thoughts on “Who Would Want an Open Pit Cyanide Leach Mine RIGHT Next to Pearce Elementary School?

  1. The people behind this web site clearly say who they are on the bottom of every page as follows:

    #AnonFamily #Anonymous #Anonymiss #Occupy
    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive.
    We do not forget. Expect us…

    This movement appears to be a lot bigger than just a few individuals judging by the amount of info they pump out on Facebook, Twitter and numerous other social media channels 24 hours a day. Looks like there is actually worldwide involvement in this project for some reason (wonder who these mining companies pissed off). As an Occupy activist myself, I believe the people behind this are just waiting for the right time to bring in the big guns to pressure this dog and pony show out of Pearce. #Occupy



  2. Last nights meeting was an insult and a joke. Think all of us against these greedy fools should call Valley Telecom for a CD of this meeting and post it on our Facebook accounts, etc.


  3. Saw your posts on Facebook and have to laugh. Hall Stewart is such an idiot for telling everyone about you. Who better to spread the word than the devil himself. Whoever you are, the majority of us support you. Thank you and keep up the good work.


  4. This video validates that everything Hall Stewart had to say last night was a lie. I cannot believe the complete lack of respect he showed the members of our community. All he cares about is making a fortune for himself at the expense of our community. NOT going to happen.


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