Marlin Gold Mining, LTD Destroying Local Economy of Pearce-Sunsites, Arizona

Calling all residents of the Pearce-Sunsites, Arizona area:

If you don’t believe that Marlin Gold Mining, LTD is destroying our local economy and depressing our real estate values, take the following email sent to us into consideration… Seriously, who wants to buy a home or open a business next to a potential environmental hazard? The answer is NO ONE. As Hall Stewart from Commonwealth Silver and Gold Mining told our community, “I didn’t buy my house next to a mine”. Give his statement some thought.

Marlin Gold Mining Email

When is Marlin Gold Mining, LTD going to openly face our community and address our concerns? Apparently the answer is NEVER. It’s time to unite together and ask for answers from Marlin Gold Mining, who proposes developing an open pit, cyanide leach, silver and gold mine right next to our children’s elementary school.

What are your thoughts?


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