Canadian Mining Companies on Trial

Canadian Mining Companies

From May 29th to June 1st, the first hearing of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on the Canadian mining industry will take place in Montréal, during which about 15 witnesses and experts from Latin America will denounce human rights violations and environmental damage caused by Canadian mining companies, with whom the Canadian government is involved…. Read more


Poisoning the Lower Class in Pearce, Arizona to Benefit the Rich

Commonwealth Mine, Pearce, Arizona
Homes of friends and neighbors who live along the base of the Commonwealth Mine – which is proudly under development by Commonwealth Silver of Canada into a 100 meter deep open-pit cyanide-leach mine that will poison our people, water, and land.
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Let’s be truthful with ourselves… Our government, both Federal and State, are more concerned with increasing profits for corporations and special interests than they are with issues that directly affect the health and welfare of the average American.  This is due to the fact that our government has developed an unhealthy attachment to corporate America and political maneuvering, for their own financial gain. We need to tell people who think they can buy bad policy with money and contributions that we will no longer tolerate it – and we will fight back.

American’s have been forced into a corner to either stand up and fight, or be devoured by the rich and powerful, much like the people of France prior to the French Revolution. Today, we are in a similar position. We have the choice of continuing to have our rights, freedoms, and even our health stripped away for the benefit of common criminals that we have put on pedestals – as our government and corporate leaders.

Much like the French Revolution, it’s time for us to stand up against those that are against the interest of the people. It is time to demand change and to take back our rights. The excessive privileges enjoyed by our governments, corporations, and special interests, at the expense of tax payers and consumers, must be taken away. It’s time that we, as American’s, demand and force change.

As the march on Versailles ultimately forced the royal court back to Paris and the execution of King Louis XVI, we must also stand up and fight oppression. America is no longer a classless society, it has clearly become a nation of rich and poor and the rich have no need for the average American anymore – other than for cheap labor and consumers of their inferior products and reckless policies.

As citizens, we need to tell the abusive powers in our government and corporate world, that we do not support their special interests, we support the interests of the average American. As a nation, we need to stop being seduced into adopting the policies of a narrow group of billionaires who disregard the legitimate interests of millions of Americans and their families.

Our governments need to stop allowing corporations such as Commonwealth Silver of Canada (AKA Commonwealth Silver and Gold Corporation, Commonwealth Minerals, etc.) to recklessly endanger us with their self-serving quests for financial gain through means such as deep open-pit cyanide-leach mining practices.  Deep open-pit cyanide-leach mining practices have been proven to destroy the health of people, water, and the environment. Would Jan Brewer or John McCain allow this to happen in their communities? Of course, not! The rich live in a separate world from the rest of us…

Contact Jan Brewer at (602) 542-4331 and John McCain at (602) 952-2410 and let them know you expect and demand change!