Pearce-Sunsites, Arizona – Don’t Be Fooled by the Lies of Canadian Company Commonwealth Silver, Who Has Already Grabbed 3,900 Acres of Our Land for Mining

Dear Friends and Neighbors of Pearce-Sunsites, Arizona,

This post was prompted by a message we received yesterday from the Canadian mining companies Delta Gold Corporation and Commonwealth Silver and Gold Mining Inc. who are actively developing the old Commonwealth Mine in Pearce. In their message, they accused us of being UN-American, and compared us with Hitler’s Nazis. This is because we do not want them, or any other foreign corporation having any “rights” to our water or land in our community. Due to their message being so offensive and full of outright lies, including claiming that they are an American company, nulls and voids any rights they have to express themselves on our website.

How dare they call any of us in Pearce Un-American or Nazi-like for having views that oppose them, or for calling them out as being the corrupt foreign company that they are? We ask all of you to start doing your own homework on who Hall Stewart, Delta Gold Corporation, and Commonwealth Silver and Gold Mining Inc. really are. They will look you straight in the eye and lie to you with a smile on their face… They are not here for our benefit, they are here for their benefit. Even if they provide a few basic industry jobs for a few years, this will not compensate for their proposed 100 meter deep open-pit cyanide mine next to our Pearce Elementary School and the damage it will do to our water and land for generations to come.

Take the time to educate yourself about who these people REALLY are. Research them and the Canadian mining industry online with Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., but whatever you do, don’t take them at face value… Remember, they ARE a group of Canadian corporations and Canadian investors, and their sole goal in our community is to strike the mother lode, take the winnings, and leave us stuck with whatever damage they do to our water, land, and even our health.

The following are examples of what’s being said about the Canadian mining industry on Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter account, we strongly recommend you get one and start learning the truth for yourself. You can set up a Twitter account at

If we as residents of the Pearce area cannot have different opinions about what is BEST for our community regarding the Commonwealth Mine Project, and discuss it intelligently, it will be the end of our community as we know it.

We the people of Pearce and surrounding areas, are better than the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s, and if we allow ourselves to be divided by foreign corporations that are making a hostile grab to acquire our water and land rights, then we all deserve whatever we get.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

~We do not forgive.
~We do not forget.
~Expect Us.


2 thoughts on “Pearce-Sunsites, Arizona – Don’t Be Fooled by the Lies of Canadian Company Commonwealth Silver, Who Has Already Grabbed 3,900 Acres of Our Land for Mining

  1. Don’t quote me but 3900 acres is about six square miles. There’s no way they aren’t going to end up doing harm to our water supply and we already have a water problem. I hope they go belly up before they do any real damage. Anybody who supports these guys being here has to have rocks in their head.


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