When is Commonwealth Silver Building a New Elementary School for Our Children in Pearce?

Pearce Elementary School

As a community, the people of Pearce, Arizona, need to approach the issue of Delta Gold Corporation and Commonwealth Silver and Gold Mining Inc. proceeding with their plans of developing a 100 meter deep open-pit cyanide mine right next to our elementary school.  We need to approach this as responsible adults.

Due to the current economy, many people are in full support of this project without any concern for our environment or the safety of our children, which is outright irresponsible. Rumors in Pearce are that Hall Stewart (who claims to be the man in charge) has promised the community that his Canadian mining companies would build a new elementary school before proceeding with development of the mine. With this said, when do they plan on actually doing this??? We as residents need to know. With all of the coloring of the truth we’ve heard from Delta Gold Corporation and Commonwealth Silver and Gold Mining Inc. to date, it’s time we hold them accountable.

So, when are we getting a new school for our children? When is construction going to begin? Building a new school WILL create the numerous new jobs promised by Commonwealth Silver.  Mining will not create any more jobs then are already here right now. More importantly, WE WILL NOT LET THE MINE PROCEED INTO ACTUAL DEVELOPMENT UNTIL THE NEW SCHOOL IS BUILT. If this doesn’t sound reasonable as a member of our community, then it’s time you take a good long look in the mirror and grow up… Seriously, we cannot allow ourselves to continue buying into all of their false promises and find ourselves with a town that’s been laid to waste by this corporation – and us left holding the bag.

Since operations have resumed at the old Commonwealth Mine, arsenic levels in the Pearce Elementary School’s water have shot through the roof and the water is no longer safe to drink. Therefore, we are already seeing a serious issue to the health and safety of our children and homes surrounding the mine. Additionally, we as a community, need to stand firm that we want the millions of dollars Hall Stewart has promised to invest in our community. Invest into building a new elementary school for our kids ASAP not while they are actively working the mine. If these Canadian companies cannot agree to this…this alone will tell us whether or not anything they tell us is the truth. We need a new school built for our children that is paid for by Delta Gold Corporation and Commonwealth Silver and Gold Mining Inc. before any major digging begins or cyanide arrives to the mine. If they can’t agree to this in writing by a specific deadline, we need to buck up as a community and ask them to pack their gear and head elsewhere. If they cannot cooperate with our community they should leave. We will not be taken advantage of.

We know that the issue of this mine is already dividing our town, and in some cases even hurting long-term friendships (we have heard numerous reports of this). This is quite frankly pathetic, and WE ARE NOT PATHETIC PEOPLE. It’s time we put our own personal interests aside regarding the mine, and ask what’s best for all of us and our children before we sign our town away like a blank check to these highly questionable Canadian mining corporations.

NOW IS THE TIME to put down your own personal interests and start talking openly about this issue with each other as adults. We need to stick together as a community, and if we can’t do this now; then we never were the community we believed ourselves to be. And to be brutally honest, these Canadian folks are playing us as fools…. They think we are truly dumb enough to believe anything they say and not have to fulfill any of their obligations. This is the way Canadian mining companies work, and if you don’t believe it, you need to take responsibility to educate yourself, and not simply believe that “good ol’ boy” Hall Stewart and company are going to hold their ends of any bargains – this is BUSINESS, BIG BUSINESS. Remember, they aren’t here to be our friends…they’re only here to make money for themselves and their Canadian investors. You are mistaken If you believe anything otherwise.



1 thought on “When is Commonwealth Silver Building a New Elementary School for Our Children in Pearce?

  1. I attended the recent update meeting about the Commonwealth Mine narrated by Hall Stewart. He mentioned in one breath that his company was committed to investing in our community. In the next breath he said that his company has NO INTENTION of replacing the school. He has also said that the location of “the school is a concern”. What kind of investment will our community need when the school is deemed unsafe? Mr. Stewart did acknowledge that his company would bus our children to another school. Is that what we want for our children? A long commute in a hot school bus? Due to the environmental damage that his company causes and we need a new school, who will pay for the school? His investment in our community is poison to the air, water, land, plants and our children’s well-being.


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