Michael Farrant of Commonwealth Silver and Barrick Gold’s Dirty Secrets


In this report, you will find numerous examples in which Barrick’s interests and the interests of the communities within which it operates are pitted directly against each other.

Michael Farrant, Founder, President and CEO of Commonwealth Silver and Gold Mining Inc. of Toronto, Canada, who is in charge of the Commonwealth Mine Project in Pearce, Arizona has a very questionable track record.

From August 1996 to June 2002 (6 years) Michael Farrant was the Corporate Controller of Barrick Gold Corporation. Barrick is Canada’s largest and most irresponsible gold mining company with a known track record that includes, environmental damage, corruption, rape, and even murder to get what they want.

Michael Farrant makes it very clear that he is proud to be a member of “Barrick Gold Employees and Alumni” association. Before you trust a word that Michael Farrant or his public relations spokesperson Hall Stewart has to say, you better think twice.


View complete report by CORPWATCH by clicking here

You can also view Michael Farrant’s LinkedIn profile at:


2 thoughts on “Michael Farrant of Commonwealth Silver and Barrick Gold’s Dirty Secrets

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  2. As a former Barrick Gold employee, I can tell you firsthand that Michael Farrant didn’t rise to the position of Corporate Controller by being a good guy. It is also most likely that Barrick is behind this venture. If the people of your town know what’s good for them they will do everything they can to get rid of these corporate criminals before your town is laid to waste. You can find out more about Barrick Gold at http://protestbarrick.net


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