Mining company buys armed drones for ‘riot control’

Mining company buys armed drones for 'riot control'

An African mining company has ordered more than two dozen drones capable of shooting pepper spray, plastic ammunition and blinding lasers.

The supplier, South African-based Desert Wolf, describes the ‘Skunk’ as a “riot control copter” – but there are concerns it breaks international treaties on the use of torture, lasers and even the Geneva Convention.

“This is a deeply disturbing and repugnant development, and we are convinced that any reasonable government will move quickly to stop the deployment of advanced battlefield technology on workers or indeed the public involved in legitimate protests and demonstrations,” a spokesperson for the International Trade Union Confederation told the BBC.

“Firing plastic balls or bullets from the air will maim and kill,” says Noel Sharkey of the International Committee for Robot Arms Control. “Using pepper spray against a crowd of protesters is a form of torture and should not be allowed… Read Full Article

This article is just another example of the lengths mining companies will go to protect their interests. At the end of the day, GREED is the religion of the billionaire class, or in the case of Commonwealth Silver and Gold, the “aspiring” billionaire class. Think twice before you believe anything Hall Stewart or Michael Farrant have to say. We recommend you start doing your own research online before you support the Canadian mining company of Commonwealth Silver and Gold in Pearce, Arizona.


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