The “pump and dump” fraudulent practices of junior Canadian mining companies is catching up to them

Will Canadian regulators be able to avoid the final fatal crash of the TSX Venture Exchange?

The answer of course is no, if history is any guidance. So what is wrong with the central Canadian market place, the world’s most important stock exchange for the junior resource and energy sector?

The last 3 years have seen a meltdown in the TSX-V share values that brought it right back to where it started almost 10 years ago. We have been witnessing on the TSX-V an unprecedented historical annihilation in shareholder value that has not been seen in this form on any other stock exchange in the world, followed by the worst fund raising crisis in history.  The lack of funding has reached such a critical stage that the TSX-V in its current constitution appears to be in danger of becoming a memory in Canadian history books in the not so distant future. Market participants who had to endure the 4-year post-BreX funding pause in the resource markets think of it as a coffee break, compared to what desperate companies are experiencing at this time… Read Full Article


Note: This article was written by Dr. Volkmar G. Hable who is a physicist and geoscientist by training and holds a Ph.D. in geosciences and a B.Sc. in Agriculture and Agronomics.


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