Water is More Precious than Gold

Call for action on water rights: the ADWR response

earth fissures

Earth fissures in the Pearce/Sunsites area. Aerial photos of “fairly new fissures” were taken just north of the Richland Store, west of Highway 191. Pilot Mark Spencer says that this fissure “nearly follows a road, but heads off at either end.”

State water officials are responding to concerns expressed by residents in the Pearce/Sunsites area.

Michael J. Lacey, director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), said Friday that “due to heightened concerns about groundwater conditions in the Willcox and Douglas areas,” he has ordered his staff  “to conduct a more detailed sweep of water level conditions throughout those areas.”

The water level sweep is scheduled to take place in December of this year.

“The Department has been and will continue to work closely with individuals in Cochise County to respond to their concerns,” he told the Range News.

In an Aug. 28 e-mail, Murray McClelland, president of the Pearce/Sunsites Chamber of Commerce, had called upon the Arizona State Legislature to immediately begin a study “for the adjudication of water rights in the State of Arizona.” … Read Full Article


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